Microsoft’s UK-based Head of Consumer Marketing, Oded Ran has spoken to Mobile Entertainment about what sort of content to expect from Xbox Live on a WinMo 7 handset.

Rather than go the same route as Apple and throw the doors open to everyone, as long as they conform to slightly dubious censorship that is, Microsoft is looking to bring about a more closed system.

"It’s not about whether you have 6,000 different arcade puzzle games in a specific category… it’s about how good they are", Oded said

He also confirmed that the Xbox Live integration will stretch as far as Avatars, Gamer ID and Xbox Live Casual games, but not something like "Halo 3 on a Windows Phone".

He went onto say that "[developers] don’t want to sell games for one dollar", suggesting that along with stricter quality controls, games on WinMo 7 devices will be more expensive than their Apple cousins.