It was last May when Capcom first hinted at the possibility of an iPhone adaptation for Street Fighter, and it seems IGN has now confirmed that the latest instalment, Street Fighter IV, is putting on its App Store gloves.

The art style is lifted directly from the super-console version, delivering a gorgeous-looking rendition of the popular tournament fighter, with the 3D models apparently being scaled down versions of their living room counterparts.

Currently, Capcom has only confirmed franchise stalwarts Ryu and Ken, but is promising a large roster of SFIV favourites will be entering the ring. It's my guess that these additional characters could be delivered through in-app purchases, but we'll have to wait for confirmation on that one.

The controls are naturally stuck with on-screen D-pads and buttons, but Capcom will apparently be offering a configurable system with lots of different options. There'll also be a Dojo mode for training, and two-player Bluetooth combat.

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