Over at the Mobile World Congress, Nokia has gone up on stage and dropped quite a bombshell about its Maemo smartphone platform.

Apparently the handset giant is to not only rebrand Maemo, but work with Intel to blend it with Moblin into a whole new open source development platform called MeeGo that will run on both Arm and X86 hardware.

Essentially this means that the OS previously known as Maemo will not be of use beyond just smartphones - adaptable for all manner of feature rich, connected devices. Sound familiar? It should - that's pretty much what Google's Android is.

The MeeGo code will be freely available, with development and integration of the platform also being made open.

"MeeGo will aim high. Nokia and Intel are the biggest investors in mobile Linux based technologies and now – together—even more significant," says Nokia's Ari Jaaksi in a new blog post. "We will put all our force behind making MeeGo THE operating system."