'Extreme' and 'lawn bowls' together is definitely an oxymoron if ever there was one, but nonetheless developer Mediatonic has seen fit to release a game based around this extreme(ly un-extreme) sport onto the App store today, available for the sum of £1.19.

From the looks of things, Extreme Lawn Bowls is a tongue-in-cheek take on the ball rolling game, which Mediatonic has dubbed ‘the number one Extreme Lawn Bowls simulator'. It appears to marry the look of Street Fighter with the fun of bowls.

Players can enjoy four different tournaments, eight characters - each with a special move - various hidden items, trophies and achievements to unlock, six-way local multiplayer, and high-scores and achievements via Open Feint.

Paul Croft, Mediatonic’s co-founder and creative director, says: “We focus on creating compelling, original experiences that are full of character and humour. Extreme Lawn Bowls represents our take on probably the greatest sport of all time, Lawn Bowls.

"So far the sport has been under-represented on the iPhone and that’s something we intend to rectify."

Considering Mediatonic was responsible for Must.Eat.Birds and Amateur Surgeon, you can safely assume this app is also one sandwich short of a picnic.