Medal of Honor, with its new modern day setting, will be hitting the handheld battlefield when it deploys later this year.

According to a financial report filed by EA today, the publisher is working on handheld versions of the revitalised series in addition to the console and PC iterations previously announced.

Specific platforms are not discussed in the report, though use of the term 'handheld' implies PSP and DS.

Given EA's desire to support PSP in recent months with Army of Two: The 40th Day and Dante's Inferno, a version for Sony's handheld seems probable.

A DS release could be in the cards too, if only as a way of competing with rival franchise Call of Duty. EA has made it clear it wishes to take down publisher Activision; as such, a DS version could be more a tactic distraction than serious sales pitch.

Not mentioned in the report is the possibility of an iPhone and iPod touch version. The popularity of the devices make it an attractive proposition, particularly given the success of first-person shooters N.O.V.A. and Eliminate.

Medal of Honor is scheduled for release in autumn 2010.