Being capricious and prone to ruthless action, we’ve decided to cut the podcast in half (genius manifests itself in very strange ways). That isn’t to say you’re getting half the podcast, but rather, you’re getting the full load all in one go.

That means one episode, once a week, filled to the brim with news, rumours, and hands on reports. This week we deal with all issues of the spiky variety, mostly concerning hedgehogs (specifically Sonic The Hedgehog 4).

We also discuss rumours about iPad 2.0, Sonic’s permanent ban from winter sports, and the ominously absent Rolando 3.

Then it’s hands on time for full reports of the merits and 'meh' moments of both Battle of Puppets and Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery. Then, just as Rob and I thought the fun was over, Chris and Alex drop in to chat about a party that we haven’t been invited to. Nice.

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That’s all for now. Remember, there are no Monday broadcasts any more, so click ‘Track It!’ to be passed a reminder when next week’s episode goes live on Friday.