Code jockeys love nothing better than getting their teeth into the bits and bytes of new firmware or SDKs to see what manufacturers might have in the works.

The iPad SDK has laready been released so devs can get to work on launch titles for the large-form iPod touch, and indeed a cryptic signpost to a new model has been uncovered.

Labelled as the N89, the device seemingly includes the use of a video codec allowing for 720P video - though it's not entirely clear whether this is recording, playback, or both.

HD video on a new iPhone might sound unnecessary, but a lot of the new smartphone power-processors are built around HD video provision - either for TV output, or to take advantage of higher resolution screens.

It's all still conjecture as news floods in to fill the Apple rumour void now the iPad has been confirmed, but hopefully we'll get something more concrete in summer at Apple's WWDC.