When it emerged that PopCap's much anticipated Plants vs Zombies iPhone adaptation is going to be late around the same time that Apple revealed the iPad, many in the blogosphere assumed the two facts were connected.

Not so, it seems. Speaking to Destructoid, PopCap's Andrew Stein has attributed the delay to the game's sophistication. "Plants vs. Zombies is a complex game and it simply took a little longer for us to be happy with the adaptation to iPhone."

Although Stein stays tight-lipped on PopCap's plans for the iPad, he tellingly takes the opportunity to extol its potential as a platform.

"As a developer, the iPad offers the same easy development environment as the iPhone but amps that up with tremendous technical specs and a potential whole new way for somebody to interact with a game," he says.

"As a consumer, the iPad has the potential to kickstart a whole new wave of creative innovation similar to the wave kicked off by the launch of the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch."

That's everybody, then.

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