The iPad is here, and we - as you might expect - cover it in extreme detail in this week's Friday podcast, discussing its features, its fanfare, and its future. We talk about the games that are confirmed, the games we would like, and how successful it’s going to be.

There are also some murmurs down the Rumour Mine about Splinter Cell and DJ Hero coming to the iPhone, and by extension the iPad too. We also learn about the merits of Buckfast and what it means to be Scotch, how to mix the perfect Bucks Fizz, and the private soap opera that I unwittingly staged for Rob via Skype.

It’s all fun and giggles, but laced with 100 per cent pure fact (well, 98 per cent pure at least) so if that sounds like it might be your kind of thing then you can get at it three ways.

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