If one mobile game could be likened to an A-list movie star, it’s Edge. Good looking, smooth moving, multi award-winning and always in the specialist press, it’s a veritable George Clooney of a title.

Under the stylish veneer, however, there’s evidence of true class. The aim is to guide a simple cube around a series of isometric platform mazes, negotiating perilous chasms and picking up each of the mini-cubes littered throughout the level.

The controls are simplicity itself, with each press of a direction on your phone’s D-pad rolling your cube a single square in that direction. It’s unbelievably easy to pick up and play, leaving you to tackle each of the imaginative and wildly varying stages.

It’s all set to a pounding electronica soundtrack that complements the spacey, minimalist visuals to perfection. This is one mobile game you won’t want to mute within thirty seconds of play.

All in all, Connect2Media has a bit of a star on its hands in Edge. Slick, stylish and great fun to play, it deserves all the hype it’s been getting.

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