In the storm after the storm, loads of iPhone developers have been letting us know that they will be updating their existing games to iPad, as well as making new iPad games from scratch.

The current rundown is as follows...

Flight Control - Firemint is making "an optimised and re-imagined version"

N.O.V.A. - Gameloft is making a new version with better graphics and new controls for the iPad launch

Need for Speed: Shift - demoed in the iPad launch, expect a new version of this for iPad launch

Harbor Master - Imangi Studios says "Expect new awesome maps, and a much more in-depth multiplayer experience".

Ravensword - Crescent Moon Games is making a iPad version of the RPG

SGN is making new versions of F.A.S.T. and Skies of Glory

Tag Games has confirmed a iPad version of Astro Ranch - called Astro Ranch HD

Eliminate Pro - ngmoco tells us - "We're excited about multiplayer first person shooters on that screen. Eliminate will transfer well. Especially its co-op version, coming soon."

Trenches - Kris from Thunder Game Works says - Just wanted to let you know that we are working on Trenches HD (Working Title) to be a fully optimised iPad game that takes advantage of the higher processing power and larger screen.

Chromodyne - developer Colin Walsh is already working on an iPad version. "It's already about 95% resolution independent" he says.

Doki Doki Bloki - A Unity based game, developer Doki Doki Games says, "I think iPad far more suited to the game and will fix the complaints people have about the virtual D-Pad as the main input".

iHurt - Mad Monkey Militia reports its Redneck Ragdoll flinging action will be iPad bound

bitFLIP - developer Joshua Hernandez say "We will be supporting the iPad in bitFLIP via in-app purchases in our next update"