It’s movie night here on the Friday Freebie so get your popcorn (salted with lots of butter is the way of the gods as decreed by us), and cinema hotdog (blended from the most succulent cuts of donkey eyebrow and pigeon gristle), at the ready for some good old flicks.

On the PSP Store, Sony has released two free featurettes about the Harry Potter films - ten points to Griffendor! The first of the two is a retrospective covering the development of the first five years of Harry and Co's terms at Hogwarts.

The second is a visual effects buff's dream, delving deep into the techniques used to bring some of the series' more fantastic creatures and locations to life. This is way more then just extended trailers, so fans of the series would do well to take a look.

On DS, for once, we actually have a freebie - hooray! Sadly, it’s only available to US dwellers though - boo hiss etc. Sega's forthcoming DS RGP epic, Sands Of Destruction was just released in the land of the free, and to celebrate, anime specialists FUNimation have seen fit to make all thirteen episodes of the anime available to stream from its site for free.

They are all subtitled, so you will need your reading glasses, but for those looking to scour the deep back story of Sega's exciting looking post apocalyptic quest-em-up, this is where the magic is this week.

Over on the iPhone, we have our usual Free iPhone gaming Trawler Report, which is practically keeling over with fun new free App Store treats, as well as our twice weekly iPhone gaming podcast, which you can download for free.

It's also worth mentioning that is now handing out a free iPhone game every, while the iPhone Game Rebate Program has just launched in the UK. This gives you a $1 back for one game bought between now and 31st Jan.

That’s all for this week - check back in seven days time by clicking 'Track It!' for what will hopefully be a more hands-on orientated haul.

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