Tapulous has been so busy with its music/rhythm phenomenon Tap Tap Revenge, the iPhone gaming world was beginning to think it'd forgotten about its rhythm-based racer Riddim Ribbon (sounds kinda Jewish).

But over on the developer's blog, Tapulous CEO Bart Decrem has posted some reassuring news, informing us that Riddim Ribbon is due for imminent release.

"In the last few days, our inboxes have been overtaken by messages like this one: "Yo, any news on riddim ribbon? Hope you’re almost done! Peace." The answer is: YES. We have news. We are delighted to announce that Riddim Ribbon will launch on the App Store on Monday, February 8!"

Still not excited enough? Then check out the teaser video below, which shows how the music racer will work when accompanied by music from the Black Eyed Peas, and you will be.

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