Sony's Jon Hight has been talking with Joystiq about the future of its immensely popular and undeniably awesome franchise, God of War, with the third instalment gearing up for an exclusive PS3 release (if any game could sell me a PS3, this'd be it).

Hight explains that God of War III will conclude the spectacular trilogy, but won't bring an end to the franchise.

"We're going to be really careful about what we do next," he cryptically suggests.

It's reasonable to assume a big screen adaptation won't be far away, but it's also logical for Sony to continue the momentum of God of War III's release with a long awaited follow-up (or dare I say spin-off?) to the equally hot God of War: Chains of Olympus on PSP.

The work its taken to bring the second sequel to the PS3 makes me strongly doubt that's where Kratos will pop up next, so it seems like a good bet that the PSP is due for some more ancient Greek attention.

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