Trying to get information out of iPhone developers about Apple's still-rumoured 'iSlate' is nigh-on impossible. The vast majority know nothing, and those that do are pretending they don't.

However, a sentence in a press release from iPhone social games publisher SGN made our ears prick up today. The release is about CEO Shervin Pishevar stepping aside, to be replaced by the company's COO Randy Breen.

But here's the relevant quote from Pishevar:

"With the industry preparing for explosive growth this year - resulting from massive expansion in the iPhone, Android and tablet marketplace - I strongly believe that Randy's experience and knowledge will be instrumental in building SGN into the largest mobile social gaming company of 2010 and beyond."

Wait, tablet marketplace? It's true that there are other tablets already announced, including several running the Android OS.

But until now, SGN's mobile energies have been poured entirely into iPhone. If it's counting on "massive expansion" into tablet games, it's surely fair to assume that they're not talking about huge sales on Dell's five-incher.

Then again, maybe Pishevar is just reading the same blogosphere rumours as we are. But it's one of the first examples of an iPhone publisher referring openly to tablets being potentially big business in the year ahead.