If 2009 saw one game spreading itself about, going to all the functions and generally having the time of its life, it was Fieldrunners.

One of the most successful games to date on iPhone (it’s been a top 20 app in iTunes since its release in October 2008), developer Subatomic Studios has been eager to spread the love, resulting in the ace PSP Fieldrunners.

It’s recently been made available to mobile users on the US network Verizon, but now we’ve been told exclusively that it’s the turn of everyone else to get a slice of the mobile tower defence pie.

Fieldrunners will be making its way to a phone near you some time in March, courtesy of Hands-On Mobile and I-play.

We’ve been promised the same fast, fun, addictive strategy gameplay with controls that are fully optimised for mobile keypads. In terms of content, all we know at present is that both Classic and Endless Play modes will be included.

We should have more info, including some shots of the game in action, very soon.

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