As I write this news item - staggered by the number of downloads Apple has just announced for the App Store - I look over and see my iPhone synchronising for the fifth time today. If everyone is grabbing apps at just half the rate I am, three billion downloads suddenly doesn't seem quite so outlandish.

At the beginning of October 2009 Apple casually crossed the 2 billion milestone, which at the time represented just under 7 million downloads per day. It seems we've been unconsciously working hard to beat that record, as since then the number has increased to over 10 million downloads a day to get us to the next billion.

Just before Christmas the App Store clocked up over 100,000 active applications available for immediate download onto the iPhones and iPod touches of the world, and that figure is expected to double - at least - by this time next year.

At this rate Apple will be copyrighting the number zero. I probably shouldn't joke about that.