Over the weekend we took a look at an advert for the PSP's LittleBigPlanet accessories in the MCV magazine, which pointed rather deliciously toward compatibility with the PSP-4000.

We've heard rumours aplenty that a new model of Sony's handheld console was in the works (hopefully to fill in the blanks left by the PSPgo), but the company behind the advert has been speaking to NegativeGamer and states the ad was a mistake on its part.

Accessories 4 Gamers wanted to make it quite clear that it doesn't know where the PSP-4000 thing came from, and that as far as it knows Sony isn't working on a new console.

So there you have it. Take this new information as you think best. Certainly it's a mistake, but is it an involuntary leak of information, or did someone make a balls up with the numbers (clearly they didn't confuse the PSP-4000 with the PSPgo, anyway)?

You decide. Our money is on the former.

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