There’s nothing much new on the PSP Store for us Europeans, but if you are feeling jealous about all that localised Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker action that our friends in the East are currently enjoying, don’t you panic. Thanks to Big Download, there’s an English language version of the demo available for free download.

You’ll need to be running the latest firmware and installing this baby is old skool, the way PSP demos used to be back in the day. Once the 103MB demo has downloaded (to your PC or Mac), connect your PSP via USB, unarchive the ZIP, then copy and paste the folder named NPUH90066 to the PSP/GAME directory on your PSP’s memory stick.

Then it’s double team stealth action complete with dialogue that’s entirely comprehensible. Actually, we forgot - this is a Metal Gear Solid game isn’t it?

Okay, so the dialogue won’t necessarily be comprehensible and will probably include a good deal about bondage assassins, vampire generals, robot ninjas and mech tanks that moo like cows, but it will all be told in English. Enjoy.

Skipping merrily over the DS as if it doesn’t exist (we like to pretend that it’s Scrooge and that we are all the ghostly apparitions of its pals), we’ll move straight onto the iPhone, where there’s plenty of the usual.

The usual being the free iPhone gaming Trawler Report, the iPhone gaming podcast and from now until the 24th of December, the Appvent Calendar. Nice. That’s it for now chums. Remember to click ‘Track It!’ to be sure not to miss the next Friday Freebie.

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