Bust-A-Move (or Puzzle Bobble, as it's equally well known) is one of those essential, casual games that every platform needs - a bit like Tetris and Bejeweled. The recent iPhone adaptation didn't exactly make us wear the touchscreen thin, but the weightier price tag was a pretty significant factor in the apathy stakes.

So it's good news that Taito has just announced a price drop, bringing Bub and Bobs' bubble bursting cannon down to a much more affordable £1.79 (or $2.99). It's currently enjoying a Christmas themed update, and now has an in-app store built into the game.

From here you can purchase new packs of 50 additional levels, and a new co-op two player mode allowing a pair of bubble blowing dragons to team up on the same device.

Ideally we prefer to see games using in-app purchases to get the price of the full game right down (or even free) but the hundreds of available stages will still appeal to fans of the classic game.

In other Taito news, the original Space Invaders adaptation has been updated to include OpenFeint support (the first time the system has been used in any Taito titles) offering online leaderboards and achievements.