The long awaited British-made (well, designed) open-source handheld platform, Pandora, is one of Pocket Gamer's most eagerly awaited devices. We saw footage of one of the first mass production models just last week, and now the Open Pandora team is celebrating as the first batch arrives on British soil.

Designer Craig Rothwell recorded the momentous occasion as he unpacked a box of Pandoras at 5am, and gives us a guided tour around its sleek curves and powerful features.

"This device is going to make you all very happy," Rothwell exclaims. "Everything we planned and somehow a bit more too. I cannot wait to see how happy you all are when you receive them. It was worth the delays. This is how it should be done!"

The Pandora, which outperforms both the DS and PSP in terms of processing, is feature rich indeed, and although its production has seen difficulties, the arrival of this first batch bodes well for an imminent release.

Have a gander inside Pandora's box:

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