Conflicts between creatures used to be straightforward in the nursery rhymes of my youth. Wolves tried to eat little piggies or girls in red riding hoods. Chickens worried the sky would fall in. Hares and tortoises raced.

In the world of iPhone action puzzlers however, everything's reversed.

Personally I blame Digital Chocolate and its penguin fixation. And now another Finnish mobile development studio Rovio is getting in on the catapulting animals act.

Instead of firing penguins into polar bears however, in Angry Birds, you're firing a flock of avian assassins into the hideouts of green pigs who have stolen their eggs.

Go figure...

The game also combine the sort of structural physics that's found chart success recently in the form of IUGO's Implode!

Yes, you have to target your birds - you get different types such as exploding and cluster 'birds' - to hit the weak points in the porcines' defences. Of course, you only have a limited number of shots to solve each level.

You can see how it all works in the following video.

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