Longtime fans of Pocket Gamer will be well aware of the Pandora - over the past few years we’ve interviewed the team behind the console and posted much tantalising news regarding its progress.

The open-source device - which will be the most powerful handheld console on the planet when it eventually launches - has experienced a painfully protracted development, with various unforeseen teething troubles pushing the release date farther and farther away from the mooted “early 2009” slot.

However, much of the problems stem from the fact that the team behind the machine have built it from scratch in their spare time - which is a remarkable achievement, no matter which way you cut it.

The good news is that the agonising wait is finally coming to an end. A complete Pandora console has just been revealed and more assembled units are expected very soon, with key developers getting the first ones off the production line.

Just in case you’re not convinced, the Pandora team has posted a video showing the unit in action:

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