Creative might be more famous for its MP3 players and PC sound cards, but the veteran manufacturer is partial to dabbling in other areas of technology - as the recently revealed Zii Trinity phone proves.

The product’s commercial possibilities are at this point unknown, as the Zii is being treated as an “experimental” venture by the firm’s ZiiLabs Research and Development team, but what it’s capable of is incredibly impressive.

Boasting a ludicrous-sounding XiiLabs StemCell CPU, the Zii is able to playback video in HD-standard 1080p, which puts it on par with Blu-ray when it comes to picture quality.

Also featured is HDMI output, which essentially means the phone could be used as portable media player.

Sadly, it’s unlikely that the phone will ever make it into the hands of customers, so for the time being at least all we can do is dream about owning such a powerful device. Shame.