A nasty bug is preventing some gamers from booting up Super Monkey Ball 2 on iPhone 3GS.

Reviews on the game's App Store listing, as well as comments here on the site and tips sent in by readers highlight a critical error that causes the game to flash a black screen when prompted to play on an iPhone 3GS.

User klouud exclaims, "I'm having the black screen o [sic] death thing right after the load screen, so I wouldn't be able to play the game even if I wanted to."

App Store reviewer rickomonwise writes, "This game doesn't work, it keep [sic] showing me a flashing screen on my 3gs, please fix."

We've not experienced the bug in the course of playing the game for review, though we've contacted Sega for comment on the matter.

The first Super Monkey Ball required major updates to address criticisms, however none involving game crashes.

UPDATE: Sega has provided a statement in response to the aforementioned issue, claiming any performance problems are the result of playing the game on a "modified" device.

"Sega is aware of the recent issues with Super Monkey Ball 2 and would like to assure users that there is no issue with iPhone or iPod Touch standard systems and the game. The issue only occurs when an iPhone has been modified (for what we assume is development purposes). Due to the many different configurations that can be used for a modified phone we are unable to test those systems and accurately gauge any issues that a modified configuration may cause the game. We will continue to test Super Monkey Ball 2 on our end to ensure that it offers the standard iPhone and iPod Touch systems only the best gaming experience possible.

If you are having difficulty playing Super Monkey Ball 2 on your iPhone or iPod Touch, please contact Sega Support at help.sega.com for personal support."

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