If there’s one man who’s sure to say things on Twitter about word games, it’s Stephen Fry. Unfortunately for EA Mobile, he’s been doing so pejoratively about its Scrabble app.

“No wonder EA Games are losing money. Just shelled out on Scrabble app. Got a game going on Facebook. Won't read or register on the (cr)app,” said Fry.

Zing. It seems his complaints aren’t levelled at the gameplay, but rather its interoperability with Facebook. He shares this view with our own Tracy Erickson, who wrote last year, “Scrabble spells high quality gameplay on iPhone but you'll need a friend as the experience isn't terribly fun on your own.”

Anybody concerned for Fry as a result of this disappointment needn’t be. Shortly after his original complaint his loyal followers scrambled to his aid and he addressed the following reply to them:

“Thx for advice. Already got Words With Friends & Lexulous, agreed both better than Scrabble. But started Scrab on FB & want to see it thru!”