Do you remember the unusual circular match-three iPhone game from Vivid Games called Alien Blobs? It was an original enough take on the match-three Bejeweled-style (actually, close to Bust-a-Move-style) game to land itself a Bronze Award here on Pocket Gamer.

Well, the developer has since pulled Alien Blobs from the App Store and taken it apart in its code garage for a complete rebuild.

Alien Blobs was stripped of its strange storyline and cartoony graphics, and had them entirely replaced - along with a fistful of gameplay tweaks - to create Electro Hunter.

It now follows a much darker, manga-styled plot about a disgraced, revenge-seeking space jockey who crash lands on an alien planet and must try to survive by absorbing the electrical creature that reside there.

The gameplay works in the same way, with your character spinning round the circumference of a collection of hostile aliens, shooting coloured balls into the throng to eliminate collections of three.

We just picked up the trailer for Electro Hunter, and thought you might fancy a gander. There's more info over on Vivid Games's Facebook page, and the game is expected to be with us pretty soon.

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