The Sony Ericsson U10i Aino has been available for a while now and boasts a unique piece of software which allows it to connect to your PS3 - should you own one, obviously - and access various pieces of content.

It's the key selling point of the handset and unsurprisingly Sony Ericsson is keen to ensure it appears elsewhere, too - with the eagerly-awaited Android-packing Xperia X10 being the likely candidate.

Speaking with Pocket-Lint, head of development at Sony Ericsson Christopher David says: "It makes a lot of sense for it to be on other handsets."

While it's short of an official announcement, it remains a pretty solid indication that the company is looking to expand the PS3 connectivity to any phones that can support it, and the X10 is most definitely powerful enough to fall into that category.

If you're interested in specifics then you'll be pleased to know that the software in question - dubbed 'PS3 Remote Play' - allows you to access your PS3 console and stream content to your phone from anywhere in the world. The entire process is based on the highly successful PlayStation Network service, which has thus far attracted over 30 million users globally.

We may still be waiting for that elusive PlayStation phone, but with Sony converging the living crap out of its technology at the moment, it's surely just a matter of time.