Developer Cowboy Rodeo has bee delighting all you old retro gamers out there (okay, all us retro gamers out there) since it first brought the awesome Amiga pinball games, Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies to iPhone way back in February.

Pinball Fantasies was also one of the launch titles for Sony's PSP Minis budget range of downloadable games, and proved to be a beautiful adaptation thanks to the simple controls and the option to play in either portrait or landscape mode.

The Cowboys are back on the PSP ranch now with an adaptation of the original Pinball Dreams, as CEO Juuso Salmijärvi explains.

"The Pinball Dreams trilogy was the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to pinball simulators, and we believe that a good game will always be a good game and the experience lives throughout generations. By porting and publishing Pinball Dreams we are proving that their basic idea and gameplay still works, and thus we bring this fantastic piece of old school game craftsmanship to the players of 2009 - ranging from fans of the original versions back in the day to youngsters who never got to enjoy the world when Commodore Amiga and other 16-bit legends dominated."

The advanced physics algorithms of the Pinball trilogy were amazingly advanced for the time, and are still considered one of the best examples of digital pinball simulation ever seen.

The PSP Minis version of Pinball Dreams contains the original four tables, and also allows the portrait and landscape orientations that really bring the game back to life on PSP. It's out now on the PSP Store at £3.99.