In a couple of years, your phone could be flinging current-generation console graphics at you in games, according to Qualcomm.

The mobile tech firm is holding an event called Innovation Qualcomm in London this morning, to show off its latest tech and talk strategy.

As part of it, the company's Sy Choudhury talked about advances in its chipsets, which are being embedded in a range of Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian handsets already (and possibly soon the iPhone according to recent rumours).

The key thing from PG's perspective: Choudhury's claim that while its current chipsets can deliver gaming performance comparable to iPhone 3GS or PlayStation 2, the ones it's making that'll appear in phones in 2011-2013 will be capable of Xbox 360 or PS3 performance.

Modern Warfare 2 running on your next phone? It could happen. Even if it's a bugger to control...