Yesterday we brought you a trailer and a coffin-full of screenshots from Psychoz Interactive's awesome looking iPhone horror survival title Dead Strike, and the developer has since been in touch to clue us in on its plans to create a full-on undead franchise.

Version 1.1 will be a major update that delivers wi-fi and Bluetooth four-player multiplayer, but prior to that will be a minor update with changes to the level structure.

The street layout will be far less linear, Psychoz Interactive's Georges Paz tells us, with dead ends, junctions, objects littering the roads and ammunition, items and money to be found with a bit of extra - though dangerous - exploration.

The big news is that Dead Strike will be turned into a serial, with the sequel Forgotten Memories already in the works.

"The story takes place exactly were you finish the first one," Georges explains. "Forgotten Memories is in production and will be ready by Spring 2010. The game will have more features and ... puzzles to solve, find and collect objects and keys, and new gameplay mechanics. It's pretty cool!"

He's not wrong, as you can see from the prototype showcase of the iPhone (presumably 3GS) Dead Strike sequel Forgotten Memories below, with great dynamic lighting and shaders lending the game a beautifully haunting atmosphere.

We'll keep you posted on both Dead Strike and Forgotten Memories (hit 'Track It!' to stay informed), but in the meantime check out the sequel's iPhone footage below, and compare it with the PC version at the bottom. They look pretty damn similar.

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