Fayju Ball is one of those games that's immensely simple in operation, but equally complex in its design.

It's a 3D puzzle game requiring you to roll balls into their corresponding holes - a bit like snooker, only without the cue, and using a table you can lift and tilt. Actually, nothing like snooker, now I think about it.

Anyway, the point is Fayju Ball is having a very special offer: it's free for a limited time while an update is prepared. The game contains 60 levels of ball-rolling fun, which is no bad thing as it's one of those addictive puzzle types that you don't realise you've been playing for an hour and a half (I've already lost much of the morning's work to it).

If you happen to miss the special offer there's also a Lite version available, so check out the gameplay video below and hit the 'Buy It!' button to go check out Fayju Ball on the App Store.