When Adobe announced its solution enabling developers to get Flash games easily onto iPhone, there was a certain amount of concern about a flood of cheap ports.

Happily that doesn't seem to have happened yet.

Indeed, the iPhone release of Auditorium, which started life as a Flash game - and is still available as such - demonstrates how innovative concepts can be honed on the platform before being released more widely.

Hard to explain, the music-themed game has you moving circular icons around the screen to deflect the flow of music particles.

You have to simultaneously fill up various 'boxes' - really more like graphical equaliser displays - in order to complete the musical composition and complete the level.

Such as prosaic description in no way gives provides a decent overview of what it's like to play the game - it's a bit like Lumines, Rez or Zen Bound.

Auditorium has been ported to iPhone by its US creators cipher prime and published by EA.

There are 25 levels in the main game with additional levels available as 99c 'music movement packs'.

You should really check out the Flash version or the free iPhone Lite version [Link], which consists of five levels.

Or just dive straight into the flow.

Auditorium is out now priced $2.99, €2.59 or £1.79. Hit the Buy It! button to go direct to the App Store.