Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Host Optical has leaked out photos of two alleged small-form capacitance touchscreen overlays apparently for new models of iPhone or iPod touch.

These touchscreens measure 2.8 inches and 3.2 inches (as opposed to the 3.5 inch of the current iPhone and iPod touch), and have successfully rumours of a miniaturised iPhone back on the agenda for 2010.

Naturally, Apple hasn't said a word about this, and isn't likely to any time soon, but the chances of Cupertino shrinking the iPhone is highly unlikely. It's not entirely impossible that we are looking at a component of a potential iPhone nano, four in D and next-generation of iPod nano (the latter being the more likely scenario).

However, the earpiece cut out on the touchscreen surround presumably wouldn't be necessary on a new model of iPod, so we'll keep our powder dry for the time being and open the matter for discussion.

What do you think? iPhone nano? iPod touch nano? iDon't know nano?

[Images courtesy of iLounge.com]