Releasing a Lite version of an iPhone game is a proven way of bringing in the punters when a full version is launched, and Digital Goldfish's Bloons is a great example.

Bloons Lite featured 12 free online levels of the bubble popping phenomenon, and gave its premium big brother a serious shot of helium. Now the developer is experimenting with a new App Store promotion, which it's dubbed as 'Lite +'.

A second Lite version of Bloons is set to go live any time now, offering a batch of 25 different online levels for free.

Its really an experiment for us to see if it will boost the sales of the full version of Bloons which contains 150 iPhone exclusive levels and a level editor," explains Digital Goldfish's David Hamilton.

"The original Bloons Lite boosted the sales of Bloons dramatically and you never know; it might start a trend of "Lite +" games onto the app store with other developers following suit."

You know, it might just.

Although other sites have proclaimed ownership, the internet meme 'peggling' originated right here on Pocket Gamer, so maybe we'll take the opportunity to coin a phrase for a second round of freebies. How about 'Lite-ing up'?

Got a better one? Stake your claim in the comments below.

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