Though not loved by everybody, Scribblenauts is a fairly special title. Its unique and loveable charms have ensured it received a great deal of attention from the press and gamers alike - ourselves included, as you can see in our Scribblenauts review.

For that reason, we're intrigued to learn of an exclusive Halloween themed level available to anyone who attends a special event, providing they're over 12, own a DS and have a copy of Scribblenauts to hand.

The catch? The event is at the London Dungeon this Saturday between midday and 3:00pm, so unless you live nearby (or you can persuade someone to do the legwork for you), you'll miss out on the exclusive level, to be handed out via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has told us in its press release that you will only be able to get this macabre treat from the event, so if you loved Scribblenauts it's probably worth making your way over.

If you don't, it may just haunt you forever.

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