The other day, Namco released a slick but uninformative teaser trailer for an iPhone game called Garters & Ghouls. All we knew about it then was that it's going to be an action-adventure game starring a woman called Marie Dupois.

I spectulated that it might be a top-down shooter, like Minigore, but I may turn out to be wrong. It happens.

[Update: Oh look, there's all kinds of information, including game art, back story, and screenshots at - ed]

Today, thanks to an email from a charming Namco operative, we've learned that Garters & Ghouls will make use of the compass that comes with every iPhone 3GS. It’ll help you find items in the game depending on where you’re oriented in the real world.

There's no further information as yet, but this news does throw up an interesting question or two: will Garters & Ghouls also be available on older generation iPhones and iPod touches? And, will the 3GS version have any other enhanced features?

Shortly after we find out, so will you.