What with all the recent developments with free games, microstransactions, in-app purchases and corporate branding, iPhone is proving there's no limit to the different ways this amazing device can make money.

Then, quite out of the blue, primo-developer Firemint comes up with a fresh way to promote both its own hot racing game and score sponsorship revenue. The Lite version of Real Racing just appeared on the App Store, branded by Volkswagen and starring its new 2010 GTI motor.

Real Racing GTI puts you in the driving seat of this hot new VW hatchback to take it for a spin around the track, going up against five other 2010 GTIs in Quick Race, recording your best time online (and in YouTube replays) in the Time Trial, or fighting for the best position in the GTI Cup Championship.

This Lite version of Real Racing couldn't come at a better time, as both Gameloft and EA Mobile are revving their engines at the starting line with Asphalt 5 and Need for Speed: Shift respectively.

And it's hard not to be impressed by Firemint's ingenuity in monetising its Lite version; something could very easily catch on in the iPhone development community.

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