With the grand arrival of Grand Theft Auto on PSP, Rockstar has announced new Social Club features for both the PSP and DS platforms.

Players can now enjoy a Chinatown Wars Guide Map, which is basically an interactive map that shows the whereabouts of every Rampage, Drug Dealer, Security Camera and Stunt Jump.

Not only that, but the map tracks what you and your friends have achieved, which is great if you want to wind up a friend over a score. Who doesn't?

The second addition is the Peking Duck Hunt, a web based, arcade style game that allows you to earn cash for Chinatown Wars while you aren't playing it. It's the same premise as with Mr Wong's Laundry, if you're familiar with the Social Club already.

The final surprise is new papercraft models, ranging from weapons and characters to several vehicles from Liberty City. So if the idea of cutting out and making models floats your boat, it will feel like Christmas has come early.

Chinatown Wars is out now on DS, and it'll be out on PSP this Friday.

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