It’s been a tough year for N-Gage, with a lack of software support and some unbelievably tough opposition from you-know-who pushing it to near obscurity.

If N-Gage is going down though, it’s going down fighting – quite literally.

Mega Monsters is the latest in an all-too-rare line of exclusive software that’s been custom-made for the Nokia platform. We’ve been looking forward to it for ages.

Well, it looks like the game's almost upon us. Take a trip over to the N-Gage site and you’ll see that the title is listed as ‘Coming Soon’. That usually means that the full game will be with us in a matter of days.

Why should you care? Because it’s the latest game from the Antipodean mobile gaming maestros at Firemint (Fast & Furious, Flight Control, Real Racing), that’s why.

The game is a monster-based destroy-‘em-up a la Rampage with a neat customisation element thrown in for good measure. After all, if you’re going to send your 50 ft cow out into battle, you should dress it to impress.

Watch out for our review.