Wait a minute. That was Shaft, not shift. Still, Need for Speed: Shaft would be a pretty awesome game, eh? If you're reading this, EA Mobile, I want 50 per cent of the take on that idea.

Anyway, getting back to reality (with a bump), EA Mobile has been dishing the details on its forthcoming iPhone addition to the Need for Speed franchise. This appears to be the first driving game capable of giving Firemint's Real Racing a run for its money, and will feature a similar choice of driving perspectives - both from the third-person arcade view, and from within the cockpit, complete with steering wheel.

The roster of 20 real-life muscle and performance rides will also feature an upgrade system as you earn points during the race. You'll be able to tweak the top speed, handling, acceleration, and nitrous injection system to build the car that fits your lead boots the best.

Most important is the announcement that local wi-fi and Bluetooth multiplayer will be included across the 28 street and pro racing tracks, though no details yet on how many drivers you'll be able to go up against.

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