All clever nods toward Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock aside, EA Mobile really has gone outta sight lately with its top notch iPhone game line up - immortal RTS Command & Conquer: Red Alert not being the least of them.

At its New York press showcase, the parent company gathered together a massive treasure trove of gaming awesome from across the platforms, naturally including the iPhone, and dropped a few tasty crumbs of info from its expansive table.

Most prominent was the news that although Command & Conquer: Red Alert will launch as a single player, local wi-fi and Bluetooth multiplayer will be added in an early update. I'd hoped we might see remote multiplayer (even if it was restricted to wi-fi, but no specific mention of such an elaborate feature as yet).

Downloadable map packs, available through in-game purchases, were also announced, though no word on pricing. It's hard to imagine a single map pack running up much more than 59p, but there's every chance that bulk purchases or extra special content might yet require additional funds to keep the Red Alert war machine oiled.

In the meantime, check out our early hands-on with Command & Conquer: Red Alert, and Jon's excellent preview right here.

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