As part of its new iPhone-focused strategy, video game veteran Namco Networks appointed Jonathan Kromrey (formerly of Apple) as the head of its 'Apple Games' division.

Kromrey has been chatting with the Washington Post about the Pac-Man creator's position when it comes to Apple's handheld, and dangled a tasty beat-'em-up carrot in front of Tekken fans when asked about the franchise.

"It's not about the genre, per se, it's about being able to get the game mechanics right," he explains, regarding the suitability of certain types of games on the iPhone. "If we can take Tekken and make it really fun to play on the iPhone, then we will. We do have a back catalog of Japanese games that we're working on, as well as some new IP."

Nothing definite, perhaps, but at least Namco is confirming Tekken as a possibility for an iPhone title, which makes sense given that the sixth game is coming to PSP soon.

But what other Namco titles would you want to see on iPhone? I'd like to cast a vote for Rolling Thunder, Point Blank and my all time favourite, Splatterhouse.

Requests below, please.