Of all the games out there with the potential for a big screen adaptation, game design guru Will Wright's amazing creations are probably the least likely to solicit a screenplay.

Not because they aren't immensely creative and entertaining - because they are - but the Sims creator isn't generally known for giving his games strong central characters.

This is true of Spore more than any of his other games, but its immense popularity (with over 100 million Spore creatures having been created by players so far) has encouraged 20th Century Fox to acquire the rights to the Electronic Arts game.

The director behind computer-generated movies Ice Age and Robots, Chris Wedge, has been tapped to helm the project, while Greg Erb and Jason Oremland (who wrote Disney's upcoming The Frog and the Princess and Ben Stiller's The Return of King Doug) are handling the screenplay.

It therefore seems likely the Spore move it will be cute and kid friendly, but that's no big surprise. The real challenge will be in creating recognisable central characters - given that Spore offers millions of different creature combinations - while the curse of game-to-movie adaptations looms overhead.

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