Line drawing games are becoming a staple diet of iPhoner's everywhere, but there are only so many different types of transport that we can guide into ports and onto airfields before we feel like we're retreading old ground.

Craneballs Studios is looking to add a bit of intrigue into this prolific new genre by combining it with a World War II tactical game. Your objective in the 33rd Division is to escort the Allied soldiers across enemy territory without being noticed by armoured patrols.

Drawing a line on the touchscreen guides a soldier, medic or sergeant as they run onto the battlefield, helping them to avoid being detected by the enemies moving around the screen. Each type of soldier moves at a different speed, and can lie down to hide from the enemy's field of view if they happen to be caught short.

33rd Division has been submitted to Apple for approval, and is expected on the App Store very soon. In the meantime, check out this gameplay video of the first level set in Caen, France:

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