So the dust may not have settled quite yet, but the PSPgo has definitely now been out long enough (as in, longer than 10 hours) for us to take stock of the situation.

As with all hardware launches, the PSPgo’s unleashing wasn’t without the odd hiccup, but after the European PlayStation Store was finally updated at around lunch time, by and large there’s not a great deal to complain about.

If you've missed out on the whole thing, allow us to recap on the day’s PSPgo-related events.

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And just in case you've not only missed out on today but on the whole PSPgo thang, here's some background reading to quickly fill in the blanks:

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And that's a wrap. Consider yourself informed. Now go and pre-order, drool over or play with your shiny new toy.

UPDATE: We've been busy reviewing some more of the Minis titles so here's where we've got to so far:

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