Chillingo has released a couple of details of its latest iPhone venture known as The Relic, which has us retro gamers chomping at the bit thanks to the delicious logline, "It's like Gauntlet on steroids".

I love steroids. Only joking – it's Gauntlet I love. Particularly the 3D reinvention from the turn of the century, Gauntlet Dark Legacy, and that appears to be where The Relic is aiming its magic.

The game casts up to four fantastical, hack 'n' slash heroes into the deepest level of the dungeon on a quest to defeat a five horned dragon known as the Quinotaur. This beast uses the power of the Relic to reanimate its dead followers, and throws an army of skeletons, zombies and all manner of beasties at you.

The nature of The Relic's multiplayer action is unclear at the moment. Presumably it'll at least support local Bluetooth, though over-the-net wi-fi or 3G might be asking a bit much of such a busy fighting game. We can hope, though.

More news as it escapes from the App Store catacombs.