Sony has already disclosed details of the content North American PSPgo owners can expect to have available when the handheld goes on sale on October 1st but over in Europe we're still waiting for news.

Sony UK has been in touch, though, and while it's not able to disclose numbers relating to downloadable PSPgo content it has at least confirmed Europe will get the PSN Game Cards scheme.

If you've not heard, they're the cards you can purchase in shops which contain a code you can then use to download the full game from the PlayStation Store.

However, although available alongside the PSPgo launch in the US, these cards won't be at European retailers on October 1st. Sony did say it "should hopefully have them in retail early next week" but was otherwise unable to provide a specific date.

Apart from that, it also sounds as though the initial batch of cards for Europe will not feature the game character art evident on their North American counterparts. But that's hardly a major issue.

We're currently more concerned with the fact that, two days from launch, we're still not clear on the content European PSPgo owners can expect.