Thanks to the inclusion of GPS in most smartphones, plus the alternative tricks of doing location based on cell towers or wi-fi connection, augmented reality companies are currently piling into iPhone.

We've recently seen the likes of Foursquare raising $1.35 million in its first funding round, while ex-Blizzard start-up Booyah is experimenting with something similar with its Booyah Society.

Now Germany outfit metaio is bringing its junaio platform to iPhone.

Details are a little scarce as the app won't actually be released until November, but metaio says it will "change the way we create, access and share information".

Typically this means you'll be able to layer up real world locations with your own data and information; for example leaving messages, objects, photos for your friends or anyone else to experience when they are in that location.

In addition, web services, social networks such as Facebook and games can also be added into the mix: indeed junaio is being marketed as a mobile augmented reality platform.

This means other developers and publishers will be able to licence it and use the tech in their own way.

However junaio will only work with the iPhone, not the iPod touch, because it lacks a camera.

"The possibilities are endless, we are taking the Internet outside to the real world," says Thomas Alt, metaio's CEO.

The first version of the technology is due for release on 2nd November on iPhone with more features, including support for Android and Symbian platforms, promised.

The launch event will be based in San Francisco although the augmented reality experience won't be limited by location.

You can find out more at the junaio website, or via Facebook or twitter.