Building on the success of the Toy Boy Diaries trilogy, IUGO has revealed the young series' next entry: Toy Bot Mini Missions.

While sharing in the original games' entertaining blend of platform and puzzle gameplay, Mini Missions promises over 100 mini-games, challenges, and bite-sized levels. IUGO contends the mini-sized levels are "great for short bursts of play."

First images show off a range of new elements. A timer in the upper-right corner point to time-sensitive challenges.

A pair of blue pads situated in the lower-left corner of the screen could be a new bidirectional pad. This would be a change from the tap anywhere control scheme used in Toy Bot Diaries.

Toy Bot himself will be a featured character, though the game boasts a dozen playable figures pulled from the series.

Although IUGO has announced Toy Bot Mini Missions as an iPhone release, the company's confirmed support of PSP minis could point to a multi-platform release for the game.

Toy Bot Mini Missions is expected to arrive on the App Store later this year.